1. About GDU

GDU is hi-tech company, focused in the development of premium and iconic drones. GDU introduced the first Full Folding drone and Universal Flying Platform, and continues to innovate to offer users a true flying experience. 


2 What are the core advantages of GDU drone products?

GDU has been devoted to R&D from the very beginning in order to create some of the world’s best drones. Specifically, GDU does not copy what other drone manufacturers do correctly, but work to fix what they don’t get right.
1)Foldable & Portable:GDU released the first foldable drone in the world in September 2015. Following the GDU Byrd, the new GDU O2 inherited GDU’s foldable concept and adopted a first-ever, slide-arm design which enables the O2 to have a smaller form and fully protect the arms and rotors when in transit.
2)Intelligence:GDU has packed all their drones with feature rich configurations that make flying the Byrd or O2 simple and fun, while also keeping the units safe with features like auto-take off/land and obstacle avoidance. Additionally, the O2 has extra advanced pre-set flight features that allow complex and professional patterns to be completed with the push of a button.
3)Industrial Level Quality: All of GDU’s products go through industry-leading testing and quality control in their specialized testing lab. GDU has more than 60 exclusive patents and uses aviation quality aluminum for the arms of the O2, making the drone not only incredibly smart, but fully robust as well.


3. What is the difference between the GDU drones, aeromodelling, and toy drones?

GDU’s drones are ready-to-fly, consumer drones used for aerial videography, hobby flights, search & rescue and industrial inspections. The main difference is the drones are all UAS, or Unmanned Aerial Systems. Aeromodelling drones are DIY systems and used by engineers to create completely custom and unique units. Toy drones are obviously cheaper units and do not have the full capabilities that come with a traditional consumer drone.